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Who We Are
Over 3,000 Teams use our services

Since 2006 we’ve been providing leagues, teams & shinny groups with unmatched goalie & Referee awesomeness.

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Our features & Services

Become a Goalie or Referee

Sign up as a goalie / Ref and get paid loving what you do.

Request a Goalie/Referees

Within our app you are able to book goalies and referees! Using our google services

Game Schedule

Book on your terms! You can set up reccurring bookings.

Automatic payments.

Add your credit cards / Recieve email transfers directly.

Fully Responsive

Accessible on all desktops / tablets & phones.

Easy Notifications

We send you Emails every step of the way!

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Our Clients Love Us

Mazda A.


When I first signed up with MyPuck, I was freshly coming off a heartbreaking 5-year break from hockey. I started by playing as many shinny games I could get just to deconstruct all the negative muscle memories built up over the years and improve my game. Through MyPuck I found a full-time team for two years and made a ton of friends along the way. After tournaments, injuries, and hundreds of hours of practice and hard work, I'm now an A level goalie going into my 4th year with MyPuck. Whether you're a goalie with a huge passion for the game or a team in need of a saviour, Patrick at MyPuck is the best friend you could ever hope for. Kudos!

Mike G.

Team Captain

In my years of playing hockey, I had never needed to "rent" a goalie. I always found someone willing to play but after striking out with 15 guys and only hours until game time, I figured it was time...Pat hooked my team up with a great goalie that fit right in with our level of play (pretty competitive men's hockey). We've used MyPuck twice now and are extremely happy with the service we received.

Christina A.

Team Captain

I haven't been formally introduced to anyone over at MyPuck Goalie Rental, all I know is, when I find out the day before that one of my shinny goalies can’t play our weekly game at 6am, all I have to do is email Pat. Within minutes, he responds that he is on the case and within the hour I have a goalie for the very early game. This week Pat found me 2 goalies for 6am!!!! Thanks Pat for all your help and perfect record....1.000 save percentage!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do i sign up?

Signing up is easy with us. Simply Select login / register on our page and enter in your information. You will then be signed in automatically and emailed simoltaneously.

Does it cost anything to sign up?

No, it’s free to join our service.

How much money will I make?

Generally speaking you can expect to make at least $30 per skate. Sometimes you can make more money.

Does MyPuck make any money?

Yes, we take a cut of the action. We are a for-profit goalie rental service. We spend a lot of time and money making sure teams know we’re available.

How many games can I expect to play?

It really all depends on you. We mainly have a first come first served process when filling games. We don’t call goalies directly (it’s just too time-consuming). We send out game notices, if you want it then request to play and the team will confirm your attendance.

How will i know if im confirmed?

Our application automatically sends you email notifications directly to the email address you have signed up with. You will receive an email from us when you are confirmed.